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Slit Lamp Filter Kits

The presence of UV absorbers in some GP materials may cause fluorescein pattern detail to be less visible, when viewed with the white light and cobalt blue filter most common in slit lamps.

To aid in evaluating fluorescein pattern, these Wratten #12 filters attach unobtrusively to the front of the slit lamp using a small Velcro strip (included).

With the filter in place, the green glow of the illuminated fluorescein is enhanced for easier viewing.


Boston® Laboratory Lens Cleaner

For laboratory and professional use only (not approved for patient use).

Available in 4 oz and 12 oz bottles.


Boston® Professional Cleaning Polish

Available in 60mL 1-gallon bottles.


Boston® Professional Finishing Polish

Available in 120mL and 1-gallon bottles.


Boston® Diagnostic Case

Configurations: 12 (CP0698), 14 (CP0699), or 26 (CP0700) lenses.


  • Slimmer outer case available in 12-, 14-, and 26-lens configurations
  • Staging area for selected right and left lenses
  • Heat-shrink, Boston®-branded vial seals included
  • Case cover and interior are customizable


  • Slim case design for vertical storage on a shelf
  • One-piece, easy-to-clean molded plastic inserts-lens vials snap securely in
  • Aid in the fitting process
  • Securely sealed vials
  • Compatibility with any current Boston® wet-ship vial labels
  • Cover that accommodates custom or Boston® label
  • Interior recesses for custom labels, fitting guides, lab contact information, etc.

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